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Communication and Advertising campaigns evaluation model

  • Cognitive: memory - impact
  • Affective: sympathy - image
  • Attitudinal: intentions
  • Behavioural: penetration, repetition of purchase

Promotional Campaign management

Allows us to measure promotional campaigns efficiency and impact in customer’s memory and analyze its validity and effectiveness.

Product audit

It’s a business solution based on observation techniques (Mystery shopping), with specific application for commercial processes audit, customer service processes evaluation, service quality, commercial agreements compliance and inner regulation, education plans monitoring, benchmarking studies.

Product Test

This tool allows us to know possible consumer’s opinion about the product before its launching in the market, to determine changes that can be done once the products have been launched and commercialized and to measure acceptation index of the new products and their changes.

Price sensitivity analysis

It’s a very useful solution to establish the importance of brand and price factors, to measure price sensitivity in every individual for every brand and determine price elasticity for specific products and merchandise.

  • How do my products resist price increases?
  • What happens if competitors change their prices?
  • What is the range of products where customers perceive higher brand value?
  • Am I competing against distribution brands?

Promotions evaluation

  • Experimental designs application
  • Evaluation of those intangible contributions to brand image provided by advertising
  • Contribution to the brand in terms of repetition of purchase and loyalty
  • Precise control of distinguished elements

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