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Panel On-Line

  • 35.000 active panellists.
  • Active recruitment; candidates receive personal invitations.
  • Closed community; Web for panellist’s private use.
  • Constant panel updating and strict quality control rules application.
  • Parameters: 60-80% answers average, 60% answers to open questions, less than 2% of retirement of abandonment and 0.05% of rejection for lack of quality.

Virtual Purchase

It is a simulator of consumer behaviour at the moment of making the purchase. If the subject wants to purchase something, he will only have to use the mouse and drag the selected product to his basket.

Real time video evaluation

Marketing pre-test actions: the user who visualizes the video can move evaluation bar in any moment and give his opinion to vey part of the video.

Product and packaging 360º rotation

With the most updated flash technologies some items can be generated for customers to rotate them and be able to visualize and explore product characteristics. This system is extremely useful to test new formats and packages.

Technology platform in a unified Web application

  • Allows shortening time between Information and Action.
  • High level of interactivity with the user.
  • Updates notifications and generation of alerts on strategic data.
  • Interactive software to manage ad-hoc reports.
  • Multiple methods for data entry.
  • Allows entering interviews worldwide directly into Quota’s server.
  • Real-time control of the achieved interviews worldwide.
  • Real-time depuration of the international data base.

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