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In Quota Research we make studies of quality service perception by customers in private fields and also in public sector services provision. These studies allow us to measure the discrepancies between the service provided and the expectations created by customers about this service.

Both academic investigation and business experience have demonstrated that a high level quality service brings companies important benefits in: market quota, productivity, costs, staff motivation, differentiation from competitors, client’s loyalty and new client's attraction capacity, among others.

For the important role played by these variables in a successful business development, quality management has become a priority. It has forced companies to make its measurement and improvement a very important part of their business strategy.

Loyalty Management / client’s satisfaction

  • Analyzes Customer’s portfolio according to their behaviour and Loyalty reaching beyond the concept of satisfaction.
  • Identifies the processes of customer relationships that have more impact on the commitment and loyalty.
  • Defines actions to improve the business, reduction in customers’ losses and development of a competitive strategy.

Employee’s commitment evaluation and management

  • Identifies the factors that generate commitment of employees.
  • Describes the guidelines to manage the human resources.
  • Concretes the best distribution of resources to increase employees commitment..

Lost clients prevention and retrieval model

  • Defines the situations and conditions in which customer losses occur.
  • Specifies measures to avoid negative flow.

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